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Telling twins apart

Is it just me or is it sometimes hard to tell a flanker apart from its original? I guess if it smelled exactly like the original, I wouldn’t buy it. But I’ve bought two flankers recently that other perfume reviewers (with much better noses) reported as having all these different notes; to me they just . . . → Read More: Telling twins apart

Shop girl

I feel like my own snobbery is coming back to bite me in the ass. Sitting here amongst all my Amouages and exclusives and vintage whatnots, I realize that what I am mostly wearing this spring are department store juices.

Gucci Guilty and I are having a real thing. I fell for this lilac amber . . . → Read More: Shop girl

I thought I was in love; turns out I wasn’t.

At this stage in my perfume acquisition career, it actually is a bit of a relief if I don’t fall in love with a new perfume. I’ve noticed other folks on perfume boards saying it would take ages to sample all the samples they have in the house, and thus it is with me. It’s . . . → Read More: I thought I was in love; turns out I wasn’t.

Buh-bye, 2012! In perfumes et al.

Holy crap, the year is over.

This year often sucked, and I will be glad to see the back of it (don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, 2012). Nonetheless it has seen the acquisition of a hellacious amount of perfume in this house, and I feel I should . . . → Read More: Buh-bye, 2012! In perfumes et al.

A Chocolate Quickie

I’ve been wearing some Mon Patchouly, the lauded new patch from Ramon Monegal, and I love this stuff. It’s the softest, most elegant patchouli you’d ever wear. It’s cozy, it’s delicious, it’s gorgeous.

But I have to wonder: why does a perfumista world that is raving about Mon Patchouly so very much tend to hate . . . → Read More: A Chocolate Quickie

13 Perfumes. Try them or don’t. It doesn’t affect me.

I love lists, though I’m not so great at writing them. I am constantly juggling lists in Dropbox, lists in Google Docs, lists in Zenbe, lists written in my spiral notebook, lists written in my flat notebook, lists written on post-its and stuck to various surfaces near my phone to represent various states of urgency, . . . → Read More: 13 Perfumes. Try them or don’t. It doesn’t affect me.